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Why Am I Asked to Select NetSuite message record's Sender/Recipient entities

NetSuite requires that attached emails have a matching Sender and Recipient in NetSuite. These could be Employee or Contact records. Previously CloudExtend would automatically create missing contacts resulting in contacts with no company affiliation and often missing name information.

This will still be the default behavior of the App, however, with our latest update (CloudExtend Gmail v3.5.0.0), users have an option to override this and prevent CloudExtend from automatically creating missing contacts when sender and recipient entities are missing in NetSuite. Instead, they will be able to override by selecting an existing NetSuite contact/employee or even create their own contact with rich data before attaching the email. This is available as a setting in Gmail Extension and when unchecked, user attaching the mail to NetSuite record will be presented an option to select the sender/recipient entity records.


Behavior :

The video below gives a brief overview of the functionality 


The auto create setting is checked by default , so that for the existing users there is no change in mail attachment steps in CloudExtend.

When the setting is unchecked and a user attaches an email without a matching sender or recipient in NetSuite, they will be presented with the notification as shown below, guiding them toward selecting existing contacts as a sender/recipient or creating a new contact before they can attach the email to NetSuite.


Attaching emails to NetSuite when setting is unchecked :

If auto create setting is unchecked and CloudExtend finds that the required sender and recipient entities are not available, users will see the panel asking to select sender/recipient entities as shown below


Update steps to attach email with entity selection:


2 & 3) Select from suggested sender/recipient entities or create new contacts

4) Click "CONTINUE"  to confirm selection

5) Select record type to attach to 


Selecting Sender/Recipient when CloudExtend cannot create contacts automatically :


This happens when the email id of the sender/recipient is more than 64 characters and in such cases CloudExtend will show the panel where user can select the required entities and proceed with mail attachment.
This is typical with email Id automatically framed by NetSuite when an email communication is initiated from NetSuite .

Manually triggering the selection panel:

Users can also manually trigger the panel, in case they want to choose a different sender/recipient when attaching the mail, by clicking on the icon as shown below




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