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License Management Portal Overview and Access

The license management portal enables you to manage your CloudExtend Excel's subscription information such as payments/billing and also to manage your enterprise administration activities such as connected accounts, licensing and user management.

Access  Portal

If you have purchased CloudExtend Excel from Celigo, the administration portal can be accessed from this URL. Here you are required to login with your Microsoft ID.

If your organization uses Office365 email service, you can use that Email ID to login to SmartClient. However, if your Email is not managed in Office 365, but is on Google Apps or some other service, you can create a Microsoft ID using your existing email ID. Click here to sign up for Microsoft Live ID and log into portal.



Click on Login with Microsoft Id button.The Celigo login page is displayed. Provide your credentials and sign in.

Subscription management portal has two main sections:

  • Subscriptions Management: To add and update payment, billing and subscription information
  • Admin Settings : To manage Connected NetSuite Accounts, User licenses and control admin users


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