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Manage Enterprise Licenses and Administer Users

Before you manage your licenses, you need to login into Subscription Management Portal with your Microsoft Work or Personal Account. Learn more here

Admin Settings section enables you to manage product licenses and product users. Two subsections are present: Manage Licenses, Manage Admin Users. 

All your active subscriptions are displayed here. Click on “Manage Licenses” where enterprise admins can manage the NetSuite accounts to which to licensed users can connect to via CloudExtend Excel and also add/remove licensed users.


Here are the Steps to get started 

1) Click on Manage Licenses to see all your Subscriptions

2) Navigate to Accounts to add your Production and Sandbox accounts. 

3) Click on Licenses to add your enterprise users and enable them access to NetSuite accounts. 



This is the place where you add your Production and Sandbox accounts, once you add the accounts here, admins can assign these accounts to licensed users. 




Add/Remove Licenses

This section provides subscription information such as plan name, activation status, renewal info and details of licenses. Licensed users are displayed in rows in this section.

To add a user, click Add User. To remove any user, press the ‘Delete’ button (Bin icon).Here admins need to add the NetSuite EmailId of the users they want to enable license. 



Once the users are added, Click on (View) to assign account access to these users, as an admin you want to control which user gets access to which NetSuite accounts. You can assign Production and Sandbox accounts here. As per Enterprise license, each user can get access to 1 Production account and up to 9 Sandbox accounts. 



Adding Admin Users

In this section, you can add additional users who can manage your enterprise licenses. Enter the email of the user you want to add and click ‘Add User’. The user is added to the list. To remove users, press the ‘Delete’ button (bin icon). Note that Super Admin Users, users on whose name the license is created cannot be deleted. 

Note: This email Id has to be an office 365 ID or Microsoft ID


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