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Manage Payments, Billing and Subscriptions

My Subscriptions sections provides you the options to manage payments, billing and subscriptions: 

  • Add Payment Method Information
  • Add/Edit Billing Information
  • View Payment History
  • Activate/Deactivate Subscriptions

Payment Mode

If a valid card is not present when a new invoice is generated, the subscription will be canceled. However, if auto collection of payment is turned off and if you are paying offline instead of using a credit card, then this is not applicable.

Add Payment Method information

In this section, you add your card details. Use the Add option (top right) to update your card details.

Provide Card Number and other details and click Update. To go back, click Cancel.

Add/Edit Billing Information

This section provides the billing details such as name, location, email etc.

To modify the billing information, click Edit button (top right) and provide the billing information.

View Payment History

This section provides payment history such as status of payment, date, invoice number, amount. You can also download the details as a PDF.

Active Subscriptions

Active Subscriptions are displayed first, followed by cancelled subscriptions if any.

Subscriptions section provides details such as your next billing date, billing break up information etc. The Timeline section provides information about your subscription type and subscription history. You can cancel the subscription from the Timeline section (see bottom right).

Cancel Subscription

This section displays your cancelled subscriptions and associated Timeline information. To cancel a subscription, use the option to the bottom right corner of the ‘Subscription Timeline’ section.

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