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Minimum Access Required To Utilize Integrator.Io (For Non-Administrators)

Before or after unification of the SuiteScript integrator (previous version) with the new platform, ensure that the following steps are followed to avoid issues such as ‘settings and dashboard sections not loading’ etc. Users who do not have administrator permissions for operating the integrator may encounter such issues. Not having adequate role permissions could be one of the reasons for errors.

You need to provide controlled access to non-Administrators for them to set up, run, and maintain integrations and connectors in the new Celigo platform. Each non-Administrator will be able to only access the NetSuite Record Types that their Role permits.

How to set up permissions for non-administrators in NetSuite

In-order to enable a non-Administrator to access the Integrator UI, minor changes need to be made in your NetSuite account by an Administrator.

You need to set the "Custom Record Entries" permission for each of those Roles, granting at least "View" level permission. The "Custom Record Entries" permission for each Role is under the "Permissions > Lists" tab on each Role Definition page.

  1. To see a list of roles available in your account, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles to open the Manage Roles page. This page indicates the center associated with each role and whether the role is standard or custom.
  2. Click a Customize (Celigo Integration Admin record) link to create a custom version of a standard role.
  3. Modify permissions of the following records in the ‘Permissions > Set-up’ section:
  • Custom Record Entries
  • Custom Lists
  • Web Services

  • Select the ‘Level’ and Save after modification.
    • Go to ‘Custom Lists’ and click on the row to modify the value to View or Full.

    • Go to ‘Custom Record Entries’ and click on the row to modify the value to View or Full.

    • Go to ‘Web Services’ and click on the row to modify the value to View or Full.

When the above settings are configured and saved, the user will be able to view the data flow settings and dashboard correctly in the new platform and the screen won’t be stuck at ‘loading’.

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