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Step-by-Step Instructions to Upgrade From NetSuite Integrator To Integrator.Io

Single click unification with Celigo’s new platform

All your integrations can be moved into Celigo’s new and advanced integration platform called - with a single click. The new platform comes with better performance and comprehensive integration features, including powerful data flow management and integration health monitoring. Follow the steps provided in the procedure below:

Ensure that your connector is of the latest version. If you already have the latest updates, follow the steps outlined here:

In your current integrator footer, click ‘Switch to’.

Note: If you don't see this option in your panel, please email

The following message is displayed(ref screen):'Manage your integrations on'. The hyper-link in the first message directs you to registration page (Sign-Up). The link in the second message takes you directly to the section 'Link your SuiteScript Integrator' from where you can link to your new account and view the data flows. Refer the sample screens depicted below:

Step 1: Sign up for

Create an account or sign up using your Google Account ID.

Step 2

After registration, sign in using your credentials or sign in using Google.

After signing in, you are directly taken to the link up section (Link your SuiteScript Integrator) in the new platform. Your NetSuite connection details are displayed for verification.

Verify your account details and click ‘Establish Link’. The new home dashboard is displayed. Each tile represents an integration. The tile header displays your NetSuite account id.

Hover over the tile to see options for data flow settings and data flow dashboard. The data flows are visible in the 'Settings' section. The 'Dashboard' provides the status of the integration jobs.

The Settings section displays your data flows and control options.

Data flows are displayed in a row. Each data flow is managed using the following options:

1 - turn on or turn off data flow

2 - trigger the data flow (click ‘Play’)

3 - schedule flows

4 - modify field mapping

5 - delete flow

Data flow dashboard

The top right corner of the section provides the link to the dashboard where you can view the status of the integration jobs. (you can reach this page from the option on the integration tile). The dashboard enables you to view the list of flows, the status of the integration jobs, errors and options to act upon the errors.

For detailed help with each option, look up the integrator Help from the header.



Before performing the migration, ensure that the following packages are updated to their latest versions:

  • Integrator Distributed Adaptor Package and
  • NetSuite Connector package

Data flows section

When you click open a data flow, the following section is displayed:


Advanced setting options for data flow groups (Salesforce Connector)


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