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The following is a sampling of the benefits available to you if you purchases an subscription to

  1. build new integrations via, a full-featured, robust integration platform that enables you to easily integrate RESTful APIs, CSV files, Salesforce, and NetSuite
  2. rebuild existing custom NetSuite Integrator data flows using

Feature Benefits

    • The ability to integrate NetSuite with many more applications, such as any Restlful JSON API, Webhooks, etc.
    • The ability to integrate applications other than NetSuite
    • Upload or download files greater than 100 MB in size via FTP, CSV, and the Simple Import Tool
    • Simple Import Tool for more than just NetSuite
    • Quickly resolve and/or retry errors directly from dashboard - either individually or in bulk
    • Download integration jobs errors to a CSV file so that very large integration jobs with thousands of errors can be managed from the context of a CSV file vs a browser UI
    • Build data flows via a guided UI wizard
    • It is much easier to turn on/off email notifications for errors
    • More advanced connection offline logic such that when a connection goes offline (maybe due to an API being offline for nightly maintenance, or a credential expiring) all data flows will pause and any data flows in progress will remain queued up, and then when a connection goes back online everything will resume where it left off
    • More advanced field mapping capabilities; all field mapping accomplished through an easy-to-use interface
    • More intelligent import logic and error handling
    • Support for NetSuite’s token based authentication
    • Better developer framework to customize data flows
    • Full API to access platform capabilities from other applications


Performance/Throughput Benefits

    • supports both NetSuite’s Web Services (SuiteTalk) API and also also RESTlet APIs, and each individual NetSuite credential can be used to support up to 11 concurrent requests (without SuiteCloud Plus).
    • Any number of different NetSuite credentials can be saved in to further improve NetSuite throughput capabilities (again, without having to purchase SuiteCloud Plus)  
    • fully supports SuiteCloud Plus, including multiple SuiteCloud Plus license scenarios for extremely high throughput needs.
    • has its own queue and worker infrastructure and does not rely on SuiteCloud queues (i.e. scheduled SuiteScript queues), which are slow and highly governed.
      • Building new flows on or rebuilding existing NetSuite Integrator flows on will drastically increase integration throughput capabilities and free up SuiteCloud queues for tasks not related to integration. 
      • queues and workers are incredibly powerful and will never limit integration throughput. 


Potential Cost Saving Benefits

    • is sold using a cost effective pricing model - 3 subscription tiers (starter, professional, and enterprise). Within those tiers, users are encouraged to use multiple data flows to solve integration problems the right way - instead of being charged incrementally per data flow or end-point system.
    • Since subscription tiers are not based on the number of data flows being used, if a user has many data flows and those data flows are not syncing large amounts of data, then the new subscription tier pricing model can be a cost savings.
    • does not require NetSuite SuiteCloud Plus to run many concurrent data flows.   
    • Files being imported or exported are stored in Amazon S3 instead of the NetSuite File Cabinet (which is an incredibly expensive data storage mechanism).


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