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CloudExtend Google Apps for NetSuite - Emails Missing from Assemble Item Records


I need to attach emails to Assembly item records in NetSuite but they are missing.



The script must be deployed for the Gmail Gdocs subtab to appear in your Assembly records.

  1. Navigate to Customization->Scripting->Scripts->List
  2. Search for “Celigo Gmail Google Drive Sub Tab”. Click ‘View’ next to the script.
  3. Once in the script "Celigo Gmail Google Drive Sub Tab", click on Deploy.
  4. Go to the "Applies to" and select the record type from the list for the Gmail tab to appear.
  5. Check the Deployed box. The Status should be Released and the Log Level should be Debug.
  6. In the Audience tab, select All Roles or any other applicable option.
  7. Click on Save and the Gmail will appear on the record type you've applied it to.
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