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Data operations with CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite: Office Add-in

Add Template

The first step is to create templates. Templates are records with a set of fields. Data is downloaded into templates, processed and saved for reuse. For example, an employee record with a set of fields such as name, date of joining, department, location etc. is what makes up a template. You can edit the template to add or remove fields. You can reuse templates to download the same data the next time, without having to recreate the same data set. Data in the templates can be kept in sync with the data in NetSuite.

Templates can also be accessed from the Settings section.

Search Record types

While adding a new template,use the search option for quick record type selection. Select the Record and click Select Fields.

Next step is to select the Fields associated with the record. Once the field is selected, green tick mark appears. To remove the fields, click the red cross mark.

Enter a name for the template and Save.

Save and load. The template is loaded into the sheet  where the mouse cursor is placed.

Note: Only one template can be loaded per sheet. When ever you load a template , CloudExtend will clear the content on the sheet and will then load the template. 

From your list of templates page, the template can also be  loaded using the ‘Play’ button. Pencil icon is to edit the template (to modify the field selections)

Once the template is loaded into the sheet, the blue outlines indicate the binding area separating the template from the rest of the worksheet. Apart from the selected fields, two additional fields/columns are created: one to track internal IDs and the other to track errors that may occur during the data operations.

Download Records

Data operations include: Download, Update, Delete, Refresh, Add rows.

To download records, click Download.

By default, records are downloaded in batches of fifty. You can also customize your update and download batch sizes , please see this article to learn more.

Filter Records

You can also apply filters to download specific data. You can add multiple rules. Select Apply Filter checkbox and download.

Update Records

After modifying the data, you upload data back to NetSuite source using the Update option.

Selected rows are updated. To update all rows in a single go, select the ‘All Rows’ checkbox before updating.

Error resolutions

Errors are color coded.

Refresh option

Refresh option removes the deleted records and clears the error colors. Refresh also keeps your Excel data in sync with NetSuite.

Working with saved searches

Saved search

Type into search bar

Select the record and click ‘Get Saved Searches’. List of saved searches from your NetSuite account are displayed.

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