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Overview of CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite: Office Add-in

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite is a Microsoft Excel based add-in that enables you to pull NetSuite records into Microsoft Excel, perform data operations using native Excel capabilities and push the processed data back into NetSuite with a single click. CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Add-in can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and installed in excel workbook . CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite is displayed as a task pane add in the Excel Workbook. You will be required to sign in using your NetSuite credentials to start working with SmartClient  . 


Templates are created in CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite to manage data operations. A template is a collection of fields from a record. A binding area separates the data from the Excel workspace. Templates are reusable. After creating a template, you can download the data, process the information, and update the information back into NetSuite. You can edit templates to add additional fields or remove existing fields. The template contains identifiers to include internal NetSuite IDs of the fields. An additional column is also created to identify, isolate and resolve errors. If data is deleted from the template, the same data is deleted from the NetSuite record. The data in the Excel Workbook and NetSuite are always kept in Sync. The deleted items are indicated by a strikethrough mark. NetSuite Saved Searches are also supported.

Excel SmartClient supports the following operations and features:

  • Download: Pull records from NetSuite into the Excel Workbook in batches
  • Update: Push back processed data back into NetSuite
  • Delete: Remove fields from the Workbook
  • Refresh: Keeps the Workbook data in sync with NetSuite
  • Menu : Manage templates, saved searches, switch between accounts,  manage accounts

Video overview of Excel SmartClient for NetSuite: Office Add-in

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