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Launch CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite: Office Add-in

Steps to install CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Office-Add-in

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite is a Microsoft Excel based add-in that enables you to pull NetSuite records into Microsoft Excel, perform data operations using native Excel capabilities and push the processed data back into NetSuite with a single click. 

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite is available in the Microsoft Store. Install the add-in and see the task pane app appear in the Excel Workbook. The add-in is accessed from the Store at <link> or open an Excel Workbook and go to Insert > Add-ins. You can start using CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite by signing up for a 14 day trial and login using your NetSuite credentials. 

Follow this link for installation steps and getting started video


Connect to NetSuite

You need your NetSuite credentials to work with CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite. 


Next, select the Role and the account and create a NetSuite connection.


Working with Subsidiaries - Learn more

After your trial is complete , based on your Subscription you will be asked to choose your default subsidiary. On Personal Edition, users can work with data only from Default subsidiary of the account you have chosen. You will be asked to choose your Subsidiary on first login after your Personal Edition subscription activation



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