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Workaround to update custom segments at header level

SmartClient doesn't support Custom Segments yet . However, the following is a workaround to update your custom segments using SmartClient.

Note: This approach works with fields at header level, as it is based on workflows and workflows cannot set field values at line level. For updating at the line level please see the SuiteScript Approach.

At a high level, this approach takes advantage of the fact that SmartClient supports Custom fields and then uses a NetSuite workflow to set the value of the actual Custom Segment field based on the value in the Custom field.


  1. Create a custom Transaction field of type List/Record that sources from the actual Custom Segment field. 
      • Associate this field to the record types desired (ie Journal Entry, etc.)
  2. Create a simple Workflow (in the case of Journal Entry, record type is 'Transaction' and Sub Type is 'Journal Entry'.
      • Under Initiation, set to 'Event Based'. Under Event Definition, check options 'On Create' and 'On View or Update'.
      • Trigger type must be 'After Record Submit'
      • Context must be restricted to Web Services
      • Save the Workflow and then create an Action in 'State 1'. The Action is very simple. Trigger on Entry and set the value of the actual Custom Segment field to that of the Transaction Custom field.
  3. Last, add the Transaction Custom field to the SmartClient template. When a record is updated via the SmartClient, the workflow fires immediately and sets the value of the Custom Segment field natively in NetSuite.
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