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A mandatory update is available for Celigo Excel SmartClient for NetSuite

NetSuite is preparing to disable TLS 1.1 encryption and will enable the TLS 1.2 version encryption. After June 6, 2016, all connections to and from the NetSuite user interface and NetSuite web services will use TLS 1.2.

Since SmartClient uses NetSuite webservices and in order to continue using the SmartClient for NetSuite post this change by NetSuite , you will need to upgrade to our latest release Celigo SmartClient v

The latest release is built for NetSuite SuiteTalk 2015.1 and includes support for Work Order records.

SmartClient users should be able to update to new version by clicking on "Check for Updates" in the Celigo SmartClient ribbon bar menu.


Note :

Post this upgrade a few users might have a problem with their local saved searches filter criteria and local saved searches may not function properly. It is advised to verify their "Local Saved Searches" and create a new one if you find any issue.



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