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How to share credentials with Celigo using LastPass


Celigo utilizes LastPass for sharing credentials. It is a secure and convenient system for password management and sharing. You may share credentials for your accounts such as NetSuite, Magento, Salesforce, Amazon Seller Central, etc... To share credentials with Celigo, follow these steps:

  1. Provide Celigo with your LastPass email address
  2. Generate Sharing Keys
  3. Update Your Shared Accounts

! Important Reminder: Please do not share credentials over tickets/email/phone. Celigo personnel are not allowed to accept credentials over these less secure channels. Doing so may be grounds for dismissal for employees of Celigo. Also, if you have shared credentials in this manner, Celigo recommends to update passwords to ensure that your accounts are secure.

Provide Celigo with your LastPass email address

If you currently have a LastPass account

Please provide Celigo with the email address associated with your LastPass account. In turn, Celigo will share a LastPass folder with you in which you may store multiple account credentials to share with Celigo. 

If you do not have a LastPass account

For users without an existing LastPass account, follow the steps below to create your account. 

Sign up for LastPass

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Log In
  3. Click on Create an account now
  4. Complete the signup process
  5. Click on Log In again and this time, log in with your new LastPass account


Generate Sharing Keys

If you are using the LastPass browser extension

There are two ways to access your LastPass account. One is through the web portal and the other is through the browser extension. The web browser extension is available for download on the LastPass homepage. If you are using the browser extension, sharing keys are generated automatically and there is no further action needed to enable account sharing. **Please note that if you download the web browser extension it is important to ensure that the option to save passwords in your browser is turned on.  If it is not selected, any currently stored usernames and passwords will be removed.

If you are using the web portal

To access LastPass through the web portal, navigate to the LastPass home page at When using the web portal and if it is your first time sharing credentials through LastPass, you may need to generate sharing keys in order to activate account sharing. The following steps will show you how to generate access keys. This will only need to be done once. 

  1. Log in to LastPass and click on more options
  2. Click on Generate Sharing Keys (If you do not see this option, that means sharing keys have been enabled)
  3. Click on the Generate Button


Update Your Shared Accounts

Accept Shared Folder

Once you have shared your LastPass account email with Celigo, Celigo will share a folder with you and you will receive an email message prompting you to accept the folder that was shared.


Share Credentials

The shared folder will appear in your Sites and Sharing Center sections. Under Sites is where you see the specific accounts that are shared in that shared folder. Use the Sites section to edit your shared accounts. The Sharing Center just shows you a list of shared folders without the sites listed down for each of the accounts that are shared. This is just an easy way to view all folders that are shared to you.

Click on the settings icon of the account to edit

Enter the username and password then click Save.

You may also add/edit the URL if there’s a specific URL you need to share like for a Magento admin or Shopify store admin.

After clicking on Save, Celigo resource(s) will be able to access the application(s) to which you have provided credentials.

*** For sharing credentials for Integrator IO accounts linked with a Google profile, please refer to this document


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