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Enabling CloudExtend Gmail/GDrive for Custom Record Types


If you prefer to see the email under your Gmail subtab or see your Google docs sub tab on a custom record, you can ask your NetSuite Admin to follow these steps in order to enable the Gmail/GDrive subtab for your custom records:

Step 1: Navigate to Customization->Scripting->Scripts->List

Step 2: Search for “Celigo Gmail Gdocs Sub Tab”. Click ‘Edit’ next to the script.

Note : In some accounts you may not find  the "Edit" button , in such cases you can click on "Deploy" button to make the suggested changes and then save. 

Step 3: Under deployments, add the custom record types on which you want the Gmail/GDrive Subtab and click Save. And you should be able to see the Gmail/Gdrive subtab under your custom record type.

You need to have a valid GDrive license for the Gdrive subtab to appear on your NetSuite interface 


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