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Error with sad face: You do not have access to Celigo CloudExtend for NetSuite

Troubleshoot license issues in CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite

Issue Description:

The Celigo CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite App prompts that the user does not have access to CloudExtend Gmail and suggests to contact their NetSuite administrator.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Step 1: Are you given access to Celigo CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite by your NetSuite Administrator?

If No, reach out to your NetSuite Administrator to get access to Celigo CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite.

Step 2: Ensure with your NetSuite Admin that your license is registered by Gmail.  If it is not, your Admin will need to associate them.  This can be done 2 ways:

  • By editing the Employee record OR
  • By creating the mapping by following these steps:
  1. Customization > Lists Records & Fields > Record Types
  2. Expand FILTERS; set FROM BUNDLE to 20497
  3. Look for record type, Celigo Employee Gmail
  4. Click on New Record against above record type
  5. In record creation form, select the EMPLOYEE per the dropdown, set the GMAIL ADDRESS that the selected EMPLOYEE intends to use. Since this record type would only be used when emails addresses are different, GMAIL ADDRESS would generally be different from one mention in the EMPLOYEE record
  6. Remove license and then re-provision license for the above EMPLOYEE in CloudExtend Setup


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