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How to use custom price levels on Sales Orders?


In the Celigo SmartClient, when working on sales orders, the pricing of line items is retrieved from the item pricing based on the price level selected. There is not an option to enter a custom price since the price levels available to choose from are only those from the Price Levels list in NetSuite which can be found under:
Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists
Filter by Type: Price Level
In NetSuite, the Custom Price Level has an Internal ID of -1 and is hidden in this list. In order to get around this, we can specify the Internal ID in our template when creating our Sales Order template.
  1. Edit the template in Result Templates
  2. Go to the Item Sublist
  3. For the price field, select Free Text (Internal ID)
  4. Load the template on the spreadsheet
  5. On the Price field, enter as -1
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