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What does the "Filter Custom Fields by record type" option do?

In NetSuite, there is a fixed set of custom field types (like Entity Custom Fields, Transaction Custom fields etc.). A Transaction custom field may apply to Sales orders and/or vendor credits for example. This filter is what determines whether a given custom field applies to a specific record type. Sometimes this filter is too aggressive. 

The consequence of turning off this filter is that you will see (e.g.) all transaction fields under sales orders/vendor credits regardless of whether they apply to them or not. This is considered a minor issue because when you are building a template, you know which custom field you need and can find it by name on the list.

If you include a field that's not applicable, NetSuite will send back an error saying it's not valid for the record type; at which point you can remove it from the template. It doesn't lead to any data loss or corruption; only the inconvenience of having to look through a large list of fields when selecting the one that should go in to the template.
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