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Why does the Gmail sub-tab appear then disappear when viewing a record?

This happens given the following conditions:
  • User does not have the CloudExtend Gmail and/or the CloudExtend Google Docs component license enabled.
  • Record is loaded for the first time after logging-in or switching roles.
Result: The Gmail and/or Google Docs sub-tab would seem to appear then disappear after a split second. 
This is due to the fact that the license is being validated by the system and if the user is seen to have no license for CloudExtend Gmail and/or CloudExtend Google Docs, it removes the sub-tabs.
To remove the Gmail or Google Docs sub-tabs on a form in NetSuite, perform the following steps:
1. Login to NetSuite as the Administrator.
2. Go to Setup > Customization > Scripts.
3. In the footer, set the Type filter to User Event. Click View in the Celigo Gmail Gadget Sub Tabscript to remove the Gmail sub-tab or click View in the Celigo Google Docs Sub Tab script to remove the Google Docs sub-tab.
4. Go to the Deployments sub-tab and pick the record where you want to remove the sub-tabs from. In this example, we'll remove the Gmail sub-tab on the Sales Order form.
5. Click the Edit button and uncheck the Deployed checkbox. Click Save.
To remove the sub-tab on every record type, the script must be undeployed individually on all records in the list. It is not possible to undeploy the script on all records at the same time.


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