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How Do I Clear the Cache of My Internet Browser?

The steps to do this would vary depending on the kind of Internet Browser being used. Included are the steps for the common browsers below:

Google Chrome
1. Click on the Google Chrome settings menu on the upper right hand side of your browser and click SETTINGS

2. Click on Show Advanced Settings


3. Under Privacy, click Clear browsing data...

4. Specify from "the beginning of time" and hit Clear.
Chrome Keyboard Shortcut:
PC: Ctrl + Shift + Delete 
MAC: ⌘-Shift-Delete

1. Go to Firefox preferences and click on Privacy tab > Clear your recent history

2. Change range to "Everything" > click details > Clear Now

Firefox Keyboard Shortcut:
PC: Ctrl + Shift + Delete 
MAC: ⌘-Shift-Delete>
1. Go to Safari Preferences and Click on Privacy Tab > Remove All Website Data and confirm
Additional Information:
You may also find "How do I clear my Google Gadget Cache" useful especially when the Celigo Gadget doesn't come up in Gmail even after the browser cache is cleared.
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