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Limitations and issues

  • When same Email is attached to multiple records using App,  duplicates are found for attached messages under communication subtab for the author/recipient records.
  • User will not be able login to CloudExtend Hybrid Extension App if NetSuite asks for additional authentication. This requires a already logged in session in the same browser.
  • Complete message body is not attached when the message body contains content references from other sources.
  • Celigo Save to NetSuite button is not available for an email just replied.
  • Fields which are “Free form Text [Strings]” only can be edited using the App.
  • Fields which are “Read Only” and “Free form” are shown editable and also success notification is shown but are not actually updated in NetSuite.
  • Email that is attached directly from NetSuite is not available in the History subtab.
  • User cannot attach emails to records of types which do not have a parent record type ex: Inventory Item, Gift Certificate, Group Item.
  • Any action performed except the intended action in the NetSuite iFrame while creating a record breaks the flow and App goes to loading state.
  • After create and attach, history tab does not show the name of the record instead it shows RecordType-ID.
  • If user wants to use Compose Mail within NS, he has to give access to AppScripts from the settings page of the App, which cannot be revoked.
  • NetSuite exposes only IDs, which are shown as labels in the App directly without any modifications.
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