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Working with Contact Records in SmartClient

With the Celigo SmartClient, we can pull in Contact records from NetSuite, edit them, and then upload them back into NetSuite. We can also create and upload new contact records.

First, we will need a Result Template to provide a format for the Contact record.Click on the Result Templates button.
We can download a preloaded template by clicking on Web Imports. Under Relationship, click on Contact. Click on the Download button. This will add the template to the list.
Put a check on it and click on Next to start editing the template. The fields have been preloaded since we downloaded this template.
Remove and add fields to customize the template. Click on Finish once you are done editing.
Click on Add Records to load the template on the spreadsheet.
Select the template and click on ok. Once the template has been loaded we can enter Interal IDs of contact records to load them on the spreadsheet. Copy Internal IDs from NetSuite.
Paste them into the table and do a Right-Click inside the table and click on Refresh Results Table.
The contact record fields will populate from NetSuite.
Edit the data as necessary and click on update to send the info back into NetSuite. For uploading new contact records, simply leave the first column blank. If there is no Internal ID specified, then it is not updating an existing record, but creating a new one.
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