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Inserting 10 thousand rows using SmartClient

When using the Add Records function to load a template on your spreadsheet, the maximum number of rows you can add is 1000 rows.

In order to insert 10 thousand rows, we can use the Excel insert function. To do this, load the initial 1000 rows. Highlight the second blank row of the table. 
Scroll to the bottom of the template where you see the green or purple bar that marks the end of the table. Press and hold the shift key and click to highlight the last row of the table. This will highlight all rows from the second row we highlighted to the last row of the template.
Right-click on one of the row numbers and click insert. 
The Excel insert function will insert the amount of rows you have highlighted. In this case, you have 999 rows so it will insert 999 rows. Since you now have roughly 2000 rows, if you repeat the same procedure but this time highlight the 2000 rows, you will then end up with roughly 4000 rows. Repeat the procedure until you reach 10 thousand rows or your desired number of rows.
Using the SmartClient with thousands of rows is usually for adding inventory or customers. Keep in mind that when doing this, it will take a long time for the SmartClient to complete the operation so you may need to keep it running for hours depending on the amount of data being uploaded.
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