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How to switch between Sandbox and Production?

We can use the Celigo SmartClient to connect to NetSuite Sandbox and Production accounts. In most cases, the NetSuite account number is the same for Sandbox and Production. In cases where there are multiple sandboxes. There are additional NetSuite account numbers with an added suffix to identify each Sandbox account. As an example, if the NetSuite account number is 123456 there might be two sandboxes with the account numbers 123456_SB1 or 123456_SB2.

For accounts with the same NetSuite account number for Production and Sandbox, we simply switch the setting in the SmartClient under Options > Connectivity > Connect to NetSuite.
For accounts with different Sandbox account numbers, we need to enter the Sandbox account number in the License Manager.
To do this, go to Help > About.
The info window will appear. Click on License Management button.
Enter the account number in the field. You can also click on the Production/Sandbox link to go directly to the Connectivity options to switch between Sandbox and Production.
**Note: If you have different Sandbox account numbers, you will need to provide this to your Celigo Support Rep so it can be added to your license.


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