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Error: Cannot attach email. Failed to create NetSuite Contact for sender or recipient.

Reason for Error

When an email is attached to a record, there must be entity records in NetSuite that matches the sender/recipient of the email. CloudExtend Gmail tries to locate these records by matching the email addresses of the sender/recipient of the email with the entity records in NetSuite.  If there's no entity found, CloudExtend Google Apps creates a contact record with the format "firstname.lastname" and attaches the email with that contact as the sender/recipient. The creation of the contact record might fail if a custom/non-standard contact form is being used as default in the NetSuite account.


To remedy this, a contact record must be manually created in NetSuite that contains the email address of the sender/recipient.


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    Sean Printz

    Can we get this fixed? The system didn't used to be like this.

    The fact that we now have to go into NetSuite and create a contact is causing the product to be more labor intensive, and is no longer a time saver. As a consequence, user adoption is decreasing due to the increased hassle.

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