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How to enable email sync for another gmail domain?

With CEGA for Gmail, we can now attach emails to NetSuite from Google mail accounts with different domain names. For example, if one user has an email and another email, the user will be able to attach emails from both mailboxes. The requirement is that there needs to be one NetSuite employee record for each Google mailbox. In this example, will need to have it's own employee record in NetSuite and will also have its own NetSuite employee record. If there is only one NetSuite employee record, only one of the mailboxes can be used at a time.
CEGA uses the default domain tied up to the account. If there are additional mailboxes with a different domain, we will need to map the mailbox using a custom record called 'Celigo Employee Gmail'.
Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types
Look for 'Celigo Employee Gmail'
Create a new record.
The Employee is the NetSuite employee record to associate the email with.
The Gmail Address is the Google email address with a different domain name. This Google mail address will be linked to the employee record.
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