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Guidelines for participating in the Community

The Customer Compass Community enables you to exchange ideas with your peers - other Celigo customers who are using the same solutions and solving the same business problems.

We encourage you to participate in the community. Before you get started, please take a look at these guidelines.

You will find many different users, all there to get and give information.

Customers. These are Celigo customers who have signed in to participate.

Celigo community moderators. These Celigo employees are dedicated to supporting the community on Customer Compass.

Celigo employees. In addition to the team of employees dedicated to supporting the community, there are many other employees who participate in the community. These employees may be product managers, tech writers, or support reps, but anyone from Celigo might jump in at any time to help customers succeed!

Community guidelines

We support an open and friendly environment in the community. It’s your platform for asking questions, sharing information, and giving feedback. 

In the community, though, it’s important to be respectful of one another and Celigo, act with good intentions, and use good judgment.


  • Report feature and enhancement requests
  • Update your profile and add a profile picture
  • Be respectful, friendly, and sincere; use appropriate tone and language
  • Encourage others, especially new users
  • Ask for help and help others and share what you know
  • Provide constructive, helpful answers and feedback
  • Give enough detail, including screenshots and links if needed


  • Report product bugs; use the get additional help link to open a ticket
  • Solicit community members for any commercial purpose. Do not solicit community members to interact with you outside of the community to obtain support.
  • Post or link information that is deceptive, fraudulent, threatening, libelous, harassing, hateful, offensive, inappropriate content, promotes or encourages illegal activities or pornography.
  • Post or link viruses, bots, worms, trojan horses or other malicious software, or utilize the community to post, link to, generate, distribute or promote any kind of spam
  • Post or link content that violates anyone’s intellectual property rights (including copyright, patent, trademark, publicity, moral and other property or proprietary rights), personal privacy rights, or which you do not have the right to post or link to. You may link to other community content or publicly available Celigo documentation if appropriately attributed and relevant.
  • Post or link confidential or disparaging information of Celigo, its partners, affiliates or vendors or any third party
  • Misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity or affiliation or falsely imply any association or sponsorship by Celigo
  • Provide inaccurate answers to questions; if you don't know the answer, it's better not to comment

We reserve the right to immediately remove any posts that do not conform to our Community Guidelines. We also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or bar a user who violates these Community Guidelines.

To report behavior or content that violates or is inconsistent with these Community Guidelines, please email 

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