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CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite – November 2014 (Version 2.3)

  • Move to Google v3.0 APIs from the v1.0 APIs: 
    • CloudExtend for Google Apps will no longer be connecting to the older Google Apps v1.0 APIs and some components of the bundle are now integrated with the v3.0 Google Apps APIs. With this change, Google Contacts and Calendar APIs have been officially migrated to the latest v3.0 version. Google Docs integration still uses the older Google Data APIs, but will continue working as it is until we move to the latest Google Drive APIs. However, this integration is not included in this release and will be included in a later release.
    • Also, as part of this release, the authorization process has been ported over from the older Oauth 1.0 to the new Oauth 2.0 protocol. The new Oauth protocol allows for refreshing an Oauth token on expiry, which means that once a Google admin user authorizes the CloudExtend bundle, the authorization will remain active forever, unless the Google admin ceases to be a user in the domain.
  • Enhanced Inline Images Sync to allow other users to view Inline Images in attached message:
    • Inline images sync can be enabled on the CloudExtend for Gmail widget to allow others who access the synced message in NetSuite to view all Inline images in the original email. To learn more about this feature, click here.
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