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SmartClient – September 2014 (Version


  • Values of mandatory fields cannot be updated to null: In the previous versions of SmartClient, a user was able to delete the value of a mandatory field and update the cell/row. SmartClient would send a message that the record was updated in NetSuite. However, the actual value of a mandatory field in NetSuite cannot be set to null and the previous value of the field remains as is. In order to bring about a better user experience, SmartClient will now throw an error upon detecting that a user has tried to update a mandatory field to null


  • Enabled Lookup on Subsidiary field in Account record while creating a Search template: When a search template is created on Account record type and Subsidiary is selected as a search criteria; user can now lookup a value on Subsidiary field and set the Subsidiary value/values as filter criteria for fetching account details
  • User having multiple licenses of SmartClient connecting to a single NetSuite account can now login with either license: There are cases when a user has multiple SmartClient licenses for different user names belonging to the same NetSuite account. SmartClient was not supporting logging in to another license belonging to the same NetSuite account. This restriction is now removed
  • Numeric fields can contain decimals to the extent allowed by NetSuite webservices for the particular field: Numeric values entered into fields were being rounded to a maximum of 4 digits after the decimal point. This feature is now changed to allow as much accuracy in the decimals as NetSuite webservices allow for that field
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