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Gcal: Licensing

Gcal sync in CloudExtend Google Apps enables ll employees with a NetSuite and Google Calendar access in the organization will be able to sync their events between the two Calendars.

Enabling Sync

To enable an employee for Calendar sync, run the CloudExtend Setup Wizard and navigate to Step 3. Check the box under the Calendar column corresponding to the particular employee and click Next.

On enabling an employee for the sync, all events in which the employee is an attendee/organizer will sync to the other system.

Disabling Sync

During CloudExtend setup, the Customer may choose to turn off the Calendar sync for all employees by checking and then unchecking the β€˜All’ Option as shown below:

To disable sync for an employee, uncheck the box under Calendar next to the particular employee and click Next.

Note, if at least one attendee in an event is enabled for the above Calendar sync, the event will sync to all attendees regardless of whether they are enabled/disabled for the sync.

Disabling the sync for an employee will only limit the number of events that are synced to his Calendar but not completely disable the Calendar sync for the particular employee.

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