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Differences of CloudExtend for Google Apps: With and Without Bundle

In terms of features, there are no major differences.

With the help of Bundle User (Organization) has the following capabilities:

  • Custom Gmail Subtab
    This help uses to isolate gmail communication from a record and direct access to gmail. User’s can also compose right within NetSuite using Gmail. Users can also directly open the attached email to NetSuite in Gmail.
  • License Management
    This helps Administrator of an organization to manage licenses within organization. For eg: If an employee leaves the organization, then the license can be transferred.
  • Multi Domain Support
    User’s can create a mapping if a domain licensed for NetSuite and Gmail is different.
Feature Hybrid Extension with Bundle Hybrid Extension without Bundle
License management for admin in bundle Yes No
Attach Email (with Attachments) Yes – Both Communication subtab and Gmail Subtab Only Communication sub tab
Global Search Yes Yes
Create & Attach Record Yes Yes
Create Record Yes Yes
Edit Record Yes Yes
Contextual Search:
Searches subject & body of email for numbers & Email IDs (such as Quote/Sales Order number) that will retrieve records from NetSuite
Yes Yes
Attachment history
Records that have been attached to a particular Email
Yes Yes
View Record 
Details of the record
Yes Yes
Filter Record Details
Fields of a record can be filters which is to be seen
Yes Yes
Support for any other domain (domain is independent of NS account) Yes No
Multi-Domain Support Yes No
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