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Gmail: Differences between CloudExtend Google Apps and CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite

Differences between CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite and CloudExtend Google Apps:

Sender & Contextual within the Home Tab:

As soon as the User opens a Email, the Home screen points to Sender and Contextual tabs.

Earlier, the Sender & Contextual information was prefilled in the NetSuite Global search and relevant records were shown to User. With the new extension, Sender & Contextual information has been separated from Global search.

Sender : Shows all the relevant records in NetSuite with Sender’s Name & Email

Contextual : Shows all the relevant records in NetSuite from

  • Sender’s Name and Email
  • Receipts (To, CC & BCC) Names and Email Address
  • Numerals which are 4 or more digits
  • Email Address/Links within the body of the Email.

NetSuite Global search is in a separate tab and user can search for other records not present in Sender and Contextual tabs.


View Records right within Gmail

With the new Extension, Users can view the record details right within Gmail. They can also click the NetSuite icon to view the record in NetSuite with one click.

Edit Records right within Gmail

Users can also edit the fields of a NS record within the app.

Filter fields of a Record

Users can filter the fields of a record they need to be shown for a particular record. So, whenever they are viewing a particular record, only those fields are shown.

Create Record

Users can create a record within Gmail using the NetSuite iFrame as they used to previously create. The search is now more user friendly and all the record types are exposed.

Attachment History

Previously there was no attachment history for an Email. Users had no clue if a particular email was attached to which records in NetSuite.

As and when, an email is attached to records in NetSuite, User is taken to History tab from where he can view the Record in the App and then NetSuite. Earlier notification pointed the link to NetSuite but that was not persistent.

Users can go to the History tab of the App anytime in future, and it would show up all the records to which this email was attached in the past.


If the Users are using with Bundle and want to compose emails from NetSuite using Gmail, they need to authorize script.

Save Attachments of Email by default for every email.

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