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Importing or Exporting a Template through SmartClient

The SmartClient for NetSuite includes the ability to share your results templates with other SmartClient users. This can help promote consistency for which data is updated or added to NetSuite and ensure that you are comparing the same data on separate work stations.

After you have created a results template, you can export the template as a .xml file and email it to another SmartClient user.

To export a template:

  1. To export a results template click Results Templates in the SmartClient Toolbar.
    You can also export templates by clicking Search or Add Records.
  2. In the popup window, right-click the name of the template, and choose Export…
  3. In the Export As… popup, choose the folder on your computer where you want to save your file, edit the name of the file if needed, and click Save.

You can now send this template to another SmartClient user for import.

To import a SmartClient template:

  1. From the SmartClient toolbar, click SearchAdd Records, or Results Template.
  2. In the popup window, click the Import link.
  3. In the Import from File popup, choose the .xml template file from your computer to import to the SmartClient, and click Save.

The template is immediately added to your list. If the template shares the same name as an existing template in your list, a -1 is automatically added to the imported template name.

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