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Updating Records or Transactions through SmartClient

You can quickly and easily update records in the SmartClient that you have pulled in using a saved search or by fetching records by their internal IDs.

To update records:

    1. If you have not recently performed the search on the records you are updating, you may want to refresh your search data. Right-click anywhere in your data, and select Refresh Results Table.
    2. Update your records in the SmartClient, using formulas and functions if necessary.
      Note: Some fields bring in values that depend on the selection in another field in a record while working in NetSuite. If a field depends on another field to pull values, the source field that the values are pulled from must be included in your results template. To set the value of a sourced field, you must first set the value of the source field.
    3. When your Excel updates are complete, do the following to update the records in NetSuite:
      • To update a single field, select the cell, and click Update Selected Fields.
      • To update the field in multiple records, select down the column or hold CTRL while selecting multiple cells, and clickUpdate Selected Fields.You can also right-click and choose Add/Update Selected.
      • To update an entire record, select a cell in the row for the record, and click Update Selected Records.
      • To update several records, select several cells down a column, or select several rows. Hold CTRL to select multiple rows or cells, and click Update Selected Records.
      • To update an entire table of records, select a cell anywhere in the data, and click Update All. You can also right-click and choose Add/Update All.

Your data is updated in NetSuite instantly, and a popup is shown at the bottom of the window of the update report. If any records failed to update, you are given an error message directing how to resolve the problem.

Update Fields to Null Values:

If you want to change a field value in an existing record to Null, all you have to do is enter ::empty:: in the field and update the cell. The record is updated and the specified field will not contain any value.

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