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Creating a Saved Search for SmartClient

You can pull NetSuite records into the SmartClient based on search criteria. As in NetSuite, you can save your search criteria and results template to use repeatedly. However, with the SmartClient, you can actually save your template for how the results are displayed separately so that you can apply it to multiple searches or use it for adding new records to NetSuite from the SmartClient.

To search your NetSuite data in the SmartClient:

  1. Click the Search button in the SmartClient toolbar.

  2. In the Execute Saved Search popup, click Create New to create a new saved search.
  3. Select the category of search you want to create, and select the record or transaction type to search.
  4. On the right side of the popup, enter a name for your saved search.
  5. When you click away from the name, a new popup opens for you to begin building your search:
    • Double-click a filter on the left to set criteria for it. Click Next when you are finished defining criteria.
    • If available for the type of search you’re creating, you can choose other types of records you want to use to set criteria using joined searches.
    • After setting criteria for joined searches, you can choose or create a results template, which defines which fields are displayed as columns for the records returned from your search. For more information on creating a template, see Adding or Editing a Template.
  6. Click Finish.

When you finish the setup screen, the search automatically runs and displays your results. Once you create a saved search, you can use it multiple times within the SmartClient.

When you have a long list of searches, you can filter your search list to easily find the saved search you want to run. Simply click theFilter by: link at the bottom of the list to show only saved searches of a certain record or transaction type or to show only saved searches that you have recently used.

You can also retrieve results from your existing NetSuite saved searches. When you search using a NetSuite saved search, you can use a results template created in the SmartClient to view and edit the results.

To search with a NetSuite saved search:

  1. Click the Search button in the SmartClient toolbar.
  2. In the Execute Saved Search popup, click NetSuite Saved Searches.
  3. Next to Select Record Type, click the current selection to show choices for categories and search types by record or transaction.
    When you select a record or transaction type, the NetSuite saved searches for that type load.
  4. Choose the name of the search you want to work with, click Run.
  5. Choose or create a results template for viewing and editing the results of your saved search. For more information on results tempaltes, see Adding or Editing a Template.
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