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Receiving Orders through SmartClient

The Celigo SmartClient is a great tool for entering receipts. However, there few details that you need to be aware of when setting up the template as well as when adding/updating Item Receipts.

Setting up the Template

Create a Item Receipts template that includes the following columns at a minimum:

  • Tran Date
  • Created From
  • Item List (as the sub list)
    • Order Line
    • Item Receive
    • Quantity
    • Location

If you are on a NetSuite OneWorld account, you will need to include the Subsidiary column as well.

Populating Data

For this example, we will receive line 1 of PO0057:

The populated SmartClient table would look like this:

Note that Order Line is used to reference the line item and that we use Item Receive column to specify that we are receiving only the first line item.

Click Update to create the Item Receipt.


  • The line number of a Purchase Order’s sub list item may not correspond to the order in which they appear on the NetSuite interface. This could happen if line items are deleted from the original purchase order. For example, deleting the 2nd line from the above order, will mean that the Line IDs are now 1 and 3. If you attempt to perform any action with Order Line = 2, you will get an error.
  • Do not include lines that have already been fully received in your table. For example, line 1 in the above example is fully received after executing the update. Do not include line 1 in subsequent receipts; even with Item Receive = False.
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