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Pay invoices with the SmartClient

Due to the way this is implemented on NetSuite web services, Invoice Payment is somewhat non-intuitive when performing through the SmartClient. Please follow these steps to perform a Invoice Payment:

1. Create a “Customer Payment” template

2. Select the columns you wish to set on the Customer Payment record.

3. Select Apply List as the sub-list

4.  Add the “Doc” and “Amount” columns to the sub-list template. You may add any other column you wish to set.

5.  Find the Internal ID of the Invoice you wish to apply the payment to. The Internal ID appears on the address bar when you are viewing the Invoice on NetSuite, in the format of ?id=<internal-id>&….

In this case,  Internal ID is 236.

6. On the SmartClient, set the Doc field to the Internal ID value:

7. Click update.

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