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Working with Item Pricing in SmartClient

The Pricing Matrix sub-list on Item records have special behavior in SmartClient.  This because the standard SmartClient table is not the optimum layout to display a matrix structure.

You may be aware that  the following features the affect the structure of a Item’s Pricing Matrix:

  • Multiple Currencies (Setup > Enable Features > Company)
  • Quantity Pricing (Setup > Enable Features > Transactions)
  • Multiple Prices (Setup > Enable Features > Transactions)

In the simplest case, when neither of these features are enabled, the pricing matrix can be represented in a standard SmartClient template with just the Discount and Price columns.

However, when these features are on, the Elegant Layout provides the best interface to view or update the pricing data.

The Elegant Layout generates a matrix view of the price levels and quantity prices, resembling the interface you would see on NetSuite.

Note that, the SmartClient can only work with one Currency at a time. So, if you need to add prices for multiple currencies, you’ll need to add them in multiple steps (i.e. update one currency first and then repopulate the table with the other currency data and do another update). Make sure that you turn off “Replace existing lines when updating” (see first screenshot) option if you plan to do this multiple update process using a template.

You can also use the Standard Layout when all the features are enabled. However, in this case, you will only be updating the values for the first Quantity Pricing. In this case as well, be sure that the “Replace existing lines…” option is turned off.

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