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SmartClient for Salesforce Known Limitations and Error Resolutions

The following are some of the known limitations and errors observed when working with Salesforce and Office 365 versions.

Salesforce Limitations

KnowledgeArticle / CollaborationGroupRecord Objects can be searched only through CollaborationGroupID or RecordID using the equals operator only.
When creating templates, Fields that come under Polymorphic relations are not visible.
A Profile object cannot be created by the user using the app. Only Edit, Delete, and Search Operations are possible

The error message ‘Required Field Missing’ is  displayed when the following fields are updated /inserted in the template:

  • Account Contact Role:
  • Opportunity Contact Role
  • Case Contact Role
  • Contract Contact Role
  • Opportunity competitor
  • Custom buttons and links
  • Attachment
  • Account contact role
  • Case comment
  • Case contact role
  • Thanks Object (Fields: Giver ID, Message)
  • Email Template
  • Folder Object
  • Organization
  • Organization wide Email address
  • Custom Object Or Link (Field: PageOrSobjectType)
For the ‘User’ object, the ‘User License Field’ is not visible in the App.
If the user does not enter any value in the ‘Name’ field, the ‘ID’ of the Record is taken as 'Name' of the custom object.
When inserting a record without entering the value for a custom mandatory field, no error is displayed.

Example: Custom Field Text(encrypted) is a mandatory field.
For custom mandatory fields (Integer type), the default value is taken as zero.
Even though mandatory field is not provided, the Contact is created/updated.
In Salesforce, deleting a role is possible only after replacing the role with another role.

(Object: Case Team Member Role)
Even If Email Address Services Object is left blank, no error message is displayed
The pick list values for the following Fields don’t match with the App values:
  • Locale
  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Email Encoding
While Deleting a Recurrence event by selecting the Rows its throws a error message for the first occurence of the Event

whereas when user tries to delete one row at a time it deletes Successfully
When the Rich Text Area’ type of  field is updated in the App, it is not updated in Salesforce correspondingly, while all other fields are updated.


Office 365 limitations

Limitations with Office 365 Excel
If you enter more than fifteen (15) digits in the number fields errors are displayed.
Operation page is visible when the selection is out of the binding using keyboard events.
When rows are added manually, the binding is increased and detected
If you have created a Workbook in Office 365 and opened the same Workbook in the Desktop version, the Template is not detected. Similarly, if you create a Workbook in Desktop and view the same in Office 365, the template is not detected
Issues are seen while performing Data Operations on above when there is another template below the existing one.
Bindings are lost when Worksheet is shared
If the Worksheet is idle for long time, the data operations do not work as expected.
User is not allowed to perform operations on any template when the user selects multiple templates by dragging into the work area.
Office 365 doesn't provide any method to retrieve the index or address of an active cell within the binding or in the Sheet
The name of an active sheet is not identifiable.
Table name is not identifiable when a template is loaded as the template is part of the selection.
It is difficult to identify whether an active selection is within a binding.
It is not possible to add rows to a table with x columns when there is another table beneath it with y columns where x<y
When there are more than 2 events on a selection that are triggered, the Excel Online version is very slow
The task-pane app does not resize correctly in Excel Online when the menu bar is docked or undocked
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