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Create Template in SmartClient for Salesforce

A Template is a collection of objects and their associated fields. A Template is created so it can be reused for recurring operations such as downloading filtered business objects with specific information. Example: Downloading Accounts of a specific location, removing obsolete Contacts, purging dated cases etc.

To create a template, click the ‘plus’ icon as shown in the image.

The Template loads the objects and the associated fields.

You can also search the templates that have already been created.

To create a template, first select the Object and click Select Fields.

Note: Parent and Child Objects are also supported.

Once you select the Objects, the list of Fields are displayed.

Click on the Field name to select the record. To deselect the Field, click the cross mark.


After selecting the Object and the Fields, provide a name to the Template and click Save or Save & Load.

Save Template

Load, Edit or Delete Template

Message when loading

When you select Save & Load, the Object and the selected fields are loaded into the Excel Sheet.

The Fields are displayed in the header section accompanied by the Error and Salesforce ID columns. The data management menu is also displayed in the SmartClient App with the following options:

  • Add Rows: Rows can be added to expand the binding
  • Download: Download all rows or you can create a Filter to download desired records
  • Update: Update all rows or selected rows
  • Delete: Delete all rows or selected rows
  • Refresh: Refresh all rows or selected rows

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