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CloudExtend Calendar for NetSuite – December 2014 (Version


  • Sync events without attendees from Google to NetSuite: Events without attendees were not being synced across to NetSuite. With this release, these Google Calendar events will sync to NetSuite. However, NetSuite does not allow events without attendees to be displayed on the NetSuite calendar. Hence, the synced events can be found only in the list of Events
  • Sync events that span over multiple days and are altered later to a single day event: When an event in Google that spans across multiple days and is synced to NetSuite is changed to a single day event, the event is now synced across appropriately to the NetSuite calendar
  • Events with no titles in Google Calendar are synced to NetSuite calendar: Events with no title in Google Calendar will not be synced to NetSuite with their description set to the string 'Undefined'
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