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CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite – August 2014 (Version 2.1.9)

  • Support for Custom Record Types
    • You can now search for a string in the search bar of the CloudExtend Gmail widget and have the search pick up for you all results including your custom records, provided you have access to the custom record type. On retrieving the results, you can choose to attach your email to the custom record.
    • Along with the search & save email functionality, you can also now create a record of the custom record type you have access to and save your email to the newly created custom record.
  • Gmail and GDocs sub-tabs to load twice as fast on record load
    • We've optimized the performance of our scripts to load faster than they used to. When you open a record, your Gmail and GDocs sub-tabs will now load in half the time they would previously take.
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