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CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite – May 2014 (Version 2.1.6)

  • Attach to parent company of a contact record: When an email is attached to an entity record, CloudExtend application will search for the record’s parent company and also attach the same email to the parent company record both under the Communication sub-tab and the Gmail sub-tab. For example, if a user attaches an email to Jack Welch, which is a contact record, CloudExtend will also attach the record to the parent company to which Jack belongs. Click here to know more.
  • Export inline images in email to NetSuite: All images (inline images and not attachments) within the body of an email message, can now be seen on the attached email message in NetSuite. Note, these inline images are visible inside the Gmail message record in NetSuite only if user is logged into his Gmail account while accessing the message record.
  • License allocation for a new employee: When allocating a license to a new employee by de-allocating an existing license to an employee, the request failed at times due to concurrency issues. Allocation and de-allocation of licenses can now be achieved in a single step with this fix without needing to complete de-allocation first before allocating license.
  • Create & attach for Employee & Transaction records: Users can now Create Employee and Transaction records from the widget with ease. Unlike earlier, all values for drop-downs are made available in the Create forms. Note, this fix is only for Chrome and Firefox. 
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