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CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite – June 2013 (Version 2.0)

  • Contextual Non-Intrusive widget: Get the Celigo CloudExtend widget show up only on-demand by clicking on the NetSuite ‘O’ icon below the Reply button in emails.
  • Quick Save: Save emails and attachments to NetSuite records in a single click to members mentioned in the recipient list of your email or by searching for others and then associating.
  • Create NetSuite Record: Create new NetSuite records right from Gmail and then attach
  • Where you need it: Ability to Attach & Send in Compose or Reply Screens. click on Celigo Send button when you want to send the message and also save it to NetSuite.
  • Extensions for popular browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox have native extensions now. And Bookmarklet available for IE9 and IE10 users.
  • Enhanced Gmail Sub-tab: In NetSuite, find a custom Gmail tab associated with records which has these attached emails with all the relevant details – like date, message, link to attachments and also ability to delete linked emails
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