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Understanding Domain Shared Contacts with CEGA

CloudExtend Google Contacts, synchronizes public contacts in your NetSuite account to the Google App’s Domain Shared Contacts List. It is important to understand how this differs from Contacts Sharing in Google Apps™.

The Contacts Sharing feature “creates a searchable directory of the user names and email addresses in your domain.” Contacts Sharing is available for all editions of Google Apps™ and when activated, enables Google Apps™ users to share contact information of other users.

Domain Shared Contacts List, on the other hand, can maintain a list of “external contacts that are shared to all users in a Google Apps domain. Shared contacts are visible to all users of an Apps domain and all Google services have access to the contact list”.

At present, Google Apps™ does not provide a user interface to update Domain Shared Contacts. By default, they do not appear in theGoogle Apps Contacts Manager or under the Contacts tab in Gmail. In order to view details of a Domain Shared Contact, use the search field on either of these interfaces.

If you try to update a Domain Shared Contact from these interfaces, you will find that Google Apps would copy the contact to your contacts list and apply the changes you made; the shared contact will remain unchanged. If you do wish to make a change to a shared contact, update the contact in NetSuite and let CloudExtend Google Contacts, sync those changes in to Google Apps™.

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