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Managing Event Ownership in CloudExtend Google Calendar

When you create an event in NetSuite, you assigned as the owner of that event. CloudExtend uses this field (which is not visible on the NetSuite web application), to track the ownership in Google Calendar. However, CloudExtend works around these limitations and assigns owners to the events that it syncs, in the following scenario:

When the event is created by an external person

CloudExtend allows you to sync events from Google with NetSuite even if the person who created the Google event (the owner) is not found in your NetSuite records. In such cases, it would not have been possible to create the event in NetSuite as the owner is non-existent.

In such cases, CloudExtend will select one of the attendees of the event who is an internal person and who has a corresponding entity in NetSuite as the owner of the event.

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