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On-Demand Import Portlet in CloudExtend Google Calendar

At any point, if a user wants to import his events before the scheduled script time, CloudExtend has made available to him the On-Demand Import Portlet. When you click the “Import your Events Now” link on this portlet it will import all recently changed events in your Google Calendar into your NetSuite account.

To add the portlet script to your dashboard follow these steps:

1. In NetSuite go to Home > Dashboard, find the “Settings” portlet and click the “Personalize Dashboard”

2. Click the link “Custom Portlet” to add a new portlet. If you are using a custom dashboard ask your account administrator to add a new Custom Portlet to the dashboard.

3. On your new portlet window click the little arrow, choose “Set Up” from the drop-down menu, choose the script “Celigo CloudExtend Calendar Import On-Demand” from the menu, and click “Save”.

Note that we will only import events for the logged in user who clicked the link–every user who needs to import events on-demand will have to add the portlet to their dashboard and trigger the script themselves manually.

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