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Gmail: I upgraded from CloudExtend 1.6 to CloudExtend 2.0 for Gmail. Am I missing any features that I previously had?

Getting you the better and completely redesigned CloudExtend for Gmail from ground up meant that we had to sacrifice some features to some extent. Some of the features that are missing from version 2.0 that were present in version 1.6 are:

Contextual Search:

In v2.0, the contextual search that is supported by default is only for the Recipients, when you launch the Celigo CloudExtend widget. However, the users can always use the search bar and use it as NetSuite Global search to find and associate it to any of the supported record types.

Attached to: in Gmail emails:

The feature of seeing which all records has the specific email been attached to is missing now. We intend to support this in the coming releases.

Editing a Record:

The ability to edit a record right from Gmail is missing now. However, users can search for a particular record and then click on it to launch the record in NetSuite. Then you could edit the record there. We are considering to have an inline edit feature in future releases.

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