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Pulling NetSuite Saved Search Results

In addition to creating a saved search in the SmartClient, you can also use your saved searches created in your NetSuite account to bring records and transactions into the SmartClient.

  1. In the SmartClient toolbar, click the Search button.
  2. In the Execute Saved Search popup, click NetSuite Saved Searches, and choose the search you want to run.
    Note: If your Saved Searches list in NetSuite has filters set at the bottom of the list such as Type, Use, or Access, it may limit the searches that show in your SmartClient as well. If you are not seeing all of your saved searches, please log in to NetSuite, navigate to your Saved Searches list, and set all of the filters at the bottom of the page to -All-.
  3. To load the top left of the results table in the cell you currently have selected, check the Position Results? box. If you clear this box, data is loaded starting with the A1 cell.
    Tip: Clearing this box is useful if you are sharing a template with other SmartClient users. You can do so by right-clicking a template in a list and choosing Export. A SmartClient table can remain with the NetSuite fixed headings while Excel macros or formulas pull and manipulate data from other worksheets. With the template already in place, you can then immediately push the manipulated data to NetSuite.
  4. To place search results in fields that already have data in your Excel datasheet without a warning, check the Overwrite Required Cells Without Prompting box. If you clear this box, you are prompted to approve the overwrite of data in cells that are needed for placing search results.
  5. Click Run.

When you click Run to run a NetSuite saved search for the first time, you can choose one of your existing SmartClient results templates to display the results or create a new one. This does not update the way your results show in your NetSuite account. When you run a search again, it will use the same results template used the most recent time it was run. To change templates, right-click the name of the search, and choose Select a Results Template…

For more information on Results Templates, see Adding or Editing a Template.

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