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Working with Paginated Results in SmartClient

When you run a search in the SmartClient, you might receive a large number of records. The SmartClient retrieves these records, splits them in to page-like sections, and displays them one page at a time. The number of records shown per page is set through the Search Page Size setting in the Options window.

From the SmartClient toolbar, click Options.

When a search returns multiple pages, the SmartClient retrieves the first page of results and prompts you to select how it should proceed. For example, the following prompt is displayed when the search returns about 1600 records and has already displayed the first page of 100 records.

In this pop-up, you have the following options:

  • Show next page of results – The SmartClient shows the next page and then prompts you again on how to proceed. You might choose this option if you only need the next page or want to look at results in chunks.
  • Show next n pages without showing this message – The SmartClient displays the number of pages you designate without showing this prompt again. If there are still pages to show after the number you have entered, the prompt appears again.
  • Jump to page n – The SmartClient displays the page number you enter so that you can jump toward the end of the results, for example.
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